Why Brandt is the Best Character in THE BIG LEBOWSKI

Recently(ish) we tried to make a podcast about The Big Lebowski and it came out awesome, but then stupid Audacity freaked out and I lost the whole thing. But we will do it again soon because it is worth talking about since it’s so awesome. Anyway, in the process we discussed our favorite characters from the film and so I would like to devote an entire blog post to the reasons why Brandt is my favorite Big Lebowski character.

Reason #1: His name is awesome. The name Brandt fits his character perfectly. It sounds kind of proper, but also a little weird and that is exactly what he is like in the movie.

Reason #2: He is played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who is such an incredible actor. I haven’t seen many of his films (which needs to change soon) but out of the few that I have seen he is just great. In Capote he absolutely nails it. His performance is spot on. The Master is another film that showcases his incredible acting. And what I love about watching Lancaster Dodd is thinking back to Brandt and how totally and completely different those two characters are. Brandt is younger and skinner. He is quirky and timid, whereas Lancaster is strong and speaks with confidence (yes his character is much more complicated than this, but on the surface he appears this way). He is so versatile! Next on my list: Magnolia



Reason #3: He is so awkward and funny. Although he does not have the best lines in the film (that probably goes to Walter), all of his lines are, in fact, awesome.


 Reason #4: This is our concern Dude.


We’re all very fond of him.



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